Enjoy Maldives Tourism-Where Time Stops!

Maldives Tourism-A Perfect Holiday Visit

Hey folks… Do you know why Maldives Tourism has become the most happening place for spending the holidays with Youngers, couples, and vacationers? The reason is simple!

The Maldives is the very luxurious place!

The Best DMC for Maldives - U & I Holidays is now introducing Maldives Tourism. Why is the Maldives the most visited place an excursion every year? It’s breath-taking and its beaches are gorgeous. Yes, this is the Maldives and it’s a place where luxury meets island living. The adventure, the turquoise water, the peace, the grand luxury and the hospitality are all seamlessly blended, and they call it the Maldives. Maldives Tourism is popular day by day for everyone. Its tropical haven of whitish beaches which is called archipelago of 1,192 grouped of coral islands into natural atolls. Few of them are for inhabitants.

Enjoy the white sand beaches, swim with the manta rays, hearing the crystal clear waves collide against the seashore, floating on the clear water. Those people who looking for a getaway from the daily common of city life, with attractions unrivaled, Maldives is a divine paradise for them. The Maldives captivates the visitors with its sun-kissed beaches, crystalline lagoons palm-fringed islands, and pristine water all year round. Witness the wonderful cooling waves & sunny all year long, browse the beautiful paradise of the underwater world in the Maldives.

The republic of the Maldives is a paramount archipelagic country located in the Indian Ocean. All the islands are encompassed by a lagoon blessed with the crystal clear water. These all islands are guarded sand back structure, housing one of the most solitary and spectacular underwater life. Rest of the islands are considered as the Virgin Islands with best snorkelling & diving sights in the world. The crystal clear Maldives water epitomizes the true beauty of the marine life.

In the Trip of Maldives, you can see private islands with gorgeous resorts, yummy food and beverages, and picture square backgrounds. You can click on your camera with a splendid imagery of the scenic destination. You can go for your honeymoon; bachelors enjoy a party or even a simple family with children as a vacationer in the Trip of Maldives.

Take pleasure in wonderful coral walls, splendid schools of amazing colored fishes waiting to greet you down the reef. So, don’t forget the peerless joy of being to the Maldives & enjoying yourself in the Maldives Tourism.

The Flora:

There are most common plants such as mangroves, pandanuses, coconut palms, Ficus benghalensis. The coconut palms can reach up to a 25 meter tall; give coconuts, leaves wood and fibers; nuts fall from down the trees and flourish. The mangrove has long roots diving into the water and is one of the few land plants that can endure sea water and salt. It lives between land and seawater. The pandanus tree has an 8 meter tall. It generates red-orange fruits which used in especially types of food. In many islands, it is possible to find bananas, mangoes, papayas & limes. The most eminent ornamental plants like; bougainvilleas, hibiscus & frangipanis are also found here. Banyan tree is called the very tallest tree in the Maldives. The Island is densely covered with scrub accompanied with the fecundity of northern & southern islands as compared to the central group.

The Fauna:

The most commonly found animal in the Maldives is the ‘gecko’ that lives on walls close to the artificial light and feeds on insects. There exist tiny reptiles known as ‘Bondu’ which are yellow–headed iguanas their magical skin makes them a camouflaged creature. The small palm mice & flying foxes along with rabbits are the only mammals found in the Maldives. The journey of the Maldives is absolutely incomplete without admiring & adoring the splashing of white snow, swimming with the colourful shoal of fishes belonging to different species. The slow movements of the turtle & reef sharks are an amazing thrill to experience at the Maldives. Enjoy the rich flora & fauna of the Maldives which will enthrall you wholly.

About The Maldives:

  • CAPITAL: Male
  • CURRENCY: Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR)
  • AREA: 298 km2 (206th) 115 sq. mi
  • POPULATION: 341,356 (2014)
  • DENSITY: 1,102.5/km2 (11th) 2,855.4/sq. mi
  • ETHNIC GROUPS: 100% Maldivians
  • RELIGION: Islam
  • LANGUAGES: Maldivian (Dhivehi)
  • INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Male International Airport (MLE)
  • TIME ZONE: Maldives Time (UTC+5)
  • MAJOR FESTIVALS IN MALDIVES: Ramadan, Eid-ulAl’h’aa, Kuda Eid.
  • ELECTRICITY: 220 – 240 Volts (Universal adaptor comes in handy).

Interesting Facts:

  • The Maldives is the lowest country in the world because the country is low-lying.
  • To give rise to the awareness on climate change the Maldives held an underwater cabinet meeting in 2009. The Maldives was the first one to do so in the entire world.
  • 99% of the Maldives is water.
  • The Maldives is the staunch follower of the British educational system. It has to its credit the literacy rate of 98%.
  • The crescent moon in the Maldives flag stands for Islam & the green section represents palm tree whereas red background symbolizes the blood shed by brave heroes of the Maldives.
  • The Maldives is one of the safest destinations to commute.
  • Alcohol is banned outside of resorts.
  • It is the Muslim nation.
  • The Maldives follows a modest style of clothing consisting of shorts/pants & T-shirts which is the acceptable swimwear.
  • The atoll is the only English word from ‘Divehi’ language.

You can visit the Maldives Tourism Places such as Como Coca Island, Baros Island, Emboodhu Finolhu Island, Mihiri Island, and Male Island for the couple, Huvahendhoo Island, Rangali Island, Kauhur Island, Halaveli Island, Dhigu Island for the family, Whale Submarine, Majeedhee Magu, Artifical Beach, National Museum, Grand Friday Mosque, Tsunami Monument, Maldivian Wildlife with the children. There are other places like Seagull Café House, Male and Thai Work Restaurant, Male etc. These all are top attractions of the Trip to Maldives.

Travel Tips for Trip to Maldives

Maldives Holidays is especially every couple’s romantic dream, luxurious hotels, sun kiss beaches, colorful fishes & reefs, the crystal clear turquoise sea. Though many people make mistakes like over money spending. Thus they leave a blot in the whole Trip to Maldives experience. U & I Holidays the best DMC for Maldives suggests you some tips for the travelling first time in Maldives.

Following are few things to be taken to the list during plan for your dream holiday tour:
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Digital Camera
  • Camcorder
  • Hat or Cap
  • Money Belt
  • Torchlight
  • First aid kit
  • Lightweight Dress
  • Lightweight Sandal or flip-flop footwear.

Health & Safety:

Before leaving the country it is appropriate that you have the right health insurance that will give you for any unexpected accidents by seaplane or speedboat to the nearest Island with enough medical facilities. Generally, in the resorts, the water bottles are safe to drink. While visiting Local Island other than Male, water should not take as a drinking water, making an ice and brushing teeth. Usually, foods are risk-free and safe for our health. It is made by top professionals. Most of the resorts have in-house professional and licensed doctors and nurses who care for you. The Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, the ADK hospital, and several other clinics also provide top quality services with a top specialist. Dengue fever and Chikungunya fever are two major problems that occur periodically in the Maldives. So make sure protect your body from a mosquito is highly recommended.


Since the climate is sunny one has to be careful about their skin & possible allergies hence, always carry a sunscreen lotion, cream & a pair of sunglass to protect your skin & eyes from the exposure of scorching heat. Protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreen and wearing sun protective clothing.

Water Risks

Always follow the instructions of your instructors when you go for diving or any other water-related activity.

Always be cautious of about changing water current & wind. Never drift further away from the lagoon or boat while snorkelling.

Personal Safety:

The Maldives is relatively a crime free country. It is still advisable to look after your belongings safely (In case if snatching, stealing or burglary happens).

Prohibition On Drinking Alcohol Outside The Resorts:

Many of the people of Maldives are Muslims that means there is a strict rule about the use of alcohol. Tourists cannot consume alcohol on the inhabited Islands. Don’t worry resorts and liveaboards boats are licensed to serve alcohol.

As the Best DMC in Maldives - U & I Holidays always ready to solve your any queries regarding the Trip to Maldives. Feel free to contact U & I Holidays DMC Team.

‘Have a safe & splendid journey’
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